Another Xu Tian!I’m waiting for you in Beijing Li Yifeng wants to act like this

Another Xu Tian!”I’m waiting for you in Beijing” Li Yifeng wants to act like this
Li Yifeng and Jiang Shuying starred in the TV series “I’m Waiting for You in Beijing” on February 23 in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Satellite TV.Attentive viewers have discovered that the leading actor of this drama has a familiar name “Xu Tian”. The actor in the “New World” just broadcast is also called Xu Tian.The director of “New World” Xu Bing is also one of the producers of the play.”I’m Waiting for You in Beijing” opened in the high-sweet mode. As the largest exclusive “welfare” in the first episode, Xu Tianyu checked the case. As a result, he was hit by the midsummer’s electric iron and “amnesia” was turned on.”Pattern”, Xu Tian in the hospital bed can’t wait to take off the cover, and went directly to kiss midsummer. The high sweet scene of “oxygen cover kiss” was also cheated by too many “girl hearts”.In the play, Li Yifeng kisses Jiang Shuying.The picture comes from an online drama, Li Yifeng plays the cynical grassroots lawyer Xu Tian, and Jiang Shuying plays the midsummer dream of the world’s top designer.Although “I’m Waiting for You in Beijing” is their first time holding hands in a TV series, not the first time the two have collaborated.According to Jiang Shuying, “I Waiting for You in Beijing” was filmed during the Spring Festival, and the song and dance “Zanzan New Era” she and Li Yifeng collaborated on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.”So when I returned to the crew at the end of the show in the early morning, I felt like going home.Jiang Shuying said.In the premiere plot, Midsummer got a place for a cutting-edge fashion show, but unexpectedly encountered heavy downpour on the way to the conference.At this moment, she accidentally witnessed a “homicide” case and smashed the “killer” in a hurry.The “killer” is lawyer Xu Tian.An accident disrupted Midsummer’s plan. She could only stay in the hospital and stay beside Xu Tian.After a night of coma, Xu Tian opened his eyes and saw midsummer, which was conquered by the beautiful, generous and enthusiastic girl in front of him.He fell in love at first sight, in order to get close to midsummer, lied that he had lost his memory, and determined that he was his girlfriend. Xu Tian on the hospital bed couldn’t wait to take off his mask and went directly to kiss midsummer.Under the “huhutang”, a romantic encounter kicked off.”The two belong to the narrow path of the enemy, Xu Tian is actually a person with a very large contrast between inside and outside.Jiang Shuying explained the character Xu Tian from his own understanding. “He seems to be a cynical and wise man, but he is very open-hearted, responsible and responsible.Jiang Shuying jokingly compared Xu Tian to “Sun Wukong”, and believed that such a sloppy and handsome male host would definitely make the female audience very “above.”However, the love story of Xu Tian and Midsummer began with love at first sight, but experienced bumps in the process.Fundamentally, it is the pressure of wandering a foreign land. Different cultural backgrounds make them have very different behavior styles. Cumulatively, it is the “escaping personality” in mid-summer to face emotions.In Shuying’s words, “cowardice is greater than dashing”.[The protagonist’s play]-“Xu Tian” in your eyes-Li Yifeng: I have never been exposed to such a role as a lawyer before. Xu Tian is a little person with a dream and a sense of justice.of.Xu Tian grew up in a foreign country. The relatively inevitable little lawyer may not be the same as the lawyer we have in mind. (During the shooting process) I will fit Xu Tian according to his growing environment.There are also professional studies, some rules of court hearings, and actions in court, and so on.”Xu Tian” represents the growth line of a class of people. We are all ordinary people, and we dreamed of sticking to what we think is right.I feel very good about his disapproval and his perseverance in the face of difficulties, temptations and misunderstandings.-“Summer” in your eyes-Jiang Shuying: This person is sitting in her name, hot, full of vitality, perseverance and pursuit of dreams, unyielding spirit of setbacks and challenges, her independence and courage are actually the sameNowadays, women in the society have a clear fit. From her, she can even see the shadows of many women around her, causing the same charm that contemporary women exude. The role of midsummer is also shining.Because I have also had the experience of studying abroad, I will have a lot of resonance with the life of midsummer, but the challenge lies in the identity of the midsummer designer, the role of the professionalism will be very strong, so you need to understand some professional knowledge in advance, goObserve to learn; the biggest inspiration for this play is the power of “love”, that is, in the career or in life, what I give and gain because of my love is particularly moving.[Quick question and answer]1 What do you think is the best quality of midsummer?Li Yifeng: Midsummer is similar to Xu Tian. Midsummer is very principled and sticks to his dreams.Xu Tian in the 2 dramas loves to ride a motorcycle. Do you know how to ride a bike?Li Yifeng: Will ride a battery car.3 What are the similarities and differences between Midsummer and her character?Jiang Shuying: Actually, I have a lot in common with Midsummer at work, perfectionism, higher requirements for work, and the decision to do things will be particularly persistent; but the difference between life and Midsummer is quite big, MidsummerThe evasive personality disseminated in the face of choice is not the same as mine. I am more decisive.4 In real life, apart from actors, if you are given a choice, what kind of career are you most looking forward to?Jiang Shuying: Hot pot appraiser, if you have this profession.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Chen Diyan