About Winter premieres, Huo Jianhua laments that love is not the norm

“About Winter” premieres, Huo Jianhua laments that love is not the norm
On November 13th, the love movie “About Winter” starred by Ma Sichun, Huo Jianhua, Hou Peicen, and Qi Qin held a premiere in Beijing. The film creators shared the behind-the-scenes shooting story.The film “About Winter” tells the love story of Peking University girl Enran (Ma Sichun) and Taipei photographer Qi Xiao (Huo Jianhua) over 30 years.The chance they met was the “Cyclonus” concert held by Qi Qin in Beijing in 1991. The movie also had the same name as Qi Qin’s popular song “About Winter” 28 years ago.At the premiere, Qi Qin admitted that he never thought that his song would become a movie and would have a unique story that belongs to him. Thanks to Rao Xueman for making this song possible to continue to pass on love.Rao Xueman talked about the original intention of creation, saying that Qi Qin is the driving force for her to cause this.Rao Xueman said that to complete the movie, she is only the second stick of the relay race. The best first stick is Qi Qin and the third stick is the director.Director Wang Weiming said that the biggest purpose of the film is not to teach everyone the truth, but to bring you a richer feeling, “It ‘s funny even when you cry, you can give you more courage to say goodbye and say goodbye after watching the movie.The fourth stick of this relay is in the hands of the audience.”Ma Sichun admits that she likes the growth of” Enron “in the movie very much. She always grows with her passionate love. Those loves teach her to dare to confess at the right time and to say goodbye at the right time.Rao Xueman once said that “Enron” in his mind was the image of Ma Sichun when he wrote the novel.Ma Sichun also said that “Enran” is a very memorable role for her and “Enron” can also be regarded as growing up and achieving each other.When talking about the feeling of watching movies for the first time, Huo Jianhua said that love that cannot be together is love, and love must not be the norm. The most important thing is to be able to get the energy of love from love, not the sadness of “must”.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading by Li Shihui Organizer