Wuhan Ling and the song of Lin Junjie and Sun Yanzi, why can they soothe people in the epidemic

“Wuhan Ling” and the song of Lin Junjie and Sun Yanzi, why can they soothe people in the epidemic
On January 27, 17 local Wuhan musicians released the single “Wuhan Ya” dedicated to this ailing city.On January 28, Lin Junjie and Sun Yanzi created the warm-hearted “Stay With You” to pay tribute to those who stick to the front line.Wu Qingfeng also played “Moonlight in the City” for everyone in the video.When people are trapped in the room by viruses, music that can be made at home and listened to at home becomes the most convenient and quick way to deliver warm energy.Screenshot of “Wuhan Ya” video.In fact, whenever human beings face disaster, music can always help people to overcome difficulties on a spiritual level.As early as in the 1960s and 1970s, from Bob Dylan’s anti-war ballad to John Lennon’s “Imagination”, it has been a common practice to use music to fight human suffering.However, the songs that really show the clear “charity single” traits have been popularized worldwide since the 1980s.In 1984, British singer Phil Collins was impressed by the famine in Ethiopia, so his friend Bob Gandalf called dozens of British musicians to record the meaningful “Do They” in the name of “Band Aid (Band Aid)” Know It’s Christmas(他们知道现在是圣诞节吗)?”Raising relief funds for Africa.In addition to the release of this single, they also held the “Live Aid” music festival at the Wembley Stadium in the summer of 1985.Through a 16-hour global live broadcast, US $ 80 million in relief money was raised.”Do They Know It ‘s Christmas?”The huge social benefits have inspired many musicians in other regions.In January 1985, legendary superstars Michael Jackson and Leon Nerridge were determined to make an American version of a public welfare single, and they finally collaborated to complete the more well-known work “We Are The World”.在1月28日的全美音乐奖颁奖典礼结束后汇集了45位歌手在洛杉矶的 A&M录音室完成了这首歌的录制。Except for Diana Rose and Steve Wanda, who are both Motown Records singers, most of the other singers were pulled by Jackson and Ricky on the basis of their own popularity at the award ceremony.It was these temporary “friendship sponsorship” teams that finally made this classic that shocked the world.In the absence of live performances, it raised US $ 60 million in record sales alone.Wu Qingfeng singing for everyone.Inspired by Britain and the United States, the Chinese music scene has also opened the door to public welfare songs.In 1985, in response to the arrival of the World Year of Peace, created by Luo Dayou, Zhang Aijia and others, 60 singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia recorded the first Chinese-language charity single “Tomorrow Will Be Better”.And this song also led the mainland musicians to compose the group song “Make the World Full of Love” in 1986.And broke the original “three or more pop singers can not be on the same stage” regulations in the work system, and held a concert of 100 popular songs.In this performance, Cui Jian also sang Shi Potian’s “Nothing”, the pop music and rock music in the Mainland were able to kick off at the same time.In 2003, the SARS epidemic broke out in Asia.Tao Zhe, Wang Lihong and other musicians co-wrote the memorable public welfare song “Hand in Hand”.The 38 groups of musicians put aside the barriers of the company’s portal and jointly cheered for the fight against the epidemic.This song brought power to many audiences in the hazy 2003, and became the most glorious moment before the Chinese music scene fell into the downturn of the 2000s.MV screenshot of “stay with you” written by Sun Yanzi and composed by Lin Junjie.So why is music?Why “Qunxing Public Welfare Singles” will become the confrontation method we first thought of when facing the suffering?Maybe it’s because only the speed and breadth of music spread can resist the virus.A good public welfare song takes only a few minutes of your time and extremely low cost, can infect you with the power of warmth, and restore confidence to you.And the concept of “stars” not only includes the accumulation of numbers, but also has the determination to contribute to the world, and the unity of breaking through the gap.In the period when the epidemic separates you and us, let everyone know that they will never be lonely, and believe that everything will eventually be resolved. This is of considerable importance at the social level, and such songs can often raise some useful funds to provideSubstantial help.In this extraordinary period, you cannot go out to watch a movie, the daily news is also worrying, and the time-consuming episodes are not targeted.At this time, only music can respond quickly, adapt accurately, and cheer everyone up efficiently and quickly.It’s not just targeted public welfare singles. In fact, at the moment when most people live in their homes, they especially need spiritual life. Even if they just create ordinary music, it makes sense.Because at any time, music can provide a deep touch of art in a short space.This is the concerted role of musicians in the face of disaster.This effort may be meager, but if you do it with your heart, it can also become critical.□ You Zuo (music critic), editor of sauna night net Wu Longzhen, proofreading Guo Li