FIFA confirms that the 2018 World Cup will implement video law enforcement from now on without controversy

FIFA confirms that there will be no controversial penalty for video enforcement in the 2018 World Cup?
Faced with the increasing controversy of punishment brought about by the high-tempo and high-contrast games of modern football, FIFA has continuously introduced new technologies to ensure the reduction of artificial erroneous penalties and improve the fairness and impartiality of the game.After the goal line Hawkeye technology dating football game, FIFA will promote the video assistant referee (VAR) technology to more games, and officially use this technology to assist in the determination of the game in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.  FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirmed that the 2018 Russia World Cup will release video assistant referee (VAR) technology as a basis for auxiliary judgment.Infantino said: We will use video to punish because we have received many positive responses so far.It is reported that the video referee will be applicable to the following four situations: goals, red cards, referees who admit the wrong player and penalties for penalty kicks.  The World Club Cup held in Japan in December last year was the first time that FIFA officially adopted video assistant referee (VAR) technology.Last September, the friendly match between France and Italy tried to use VAR technology, and received good results. Last month, the friendly match between Spain and France directly corrected two wrong penalties in the match.  Earlier this month, the VAR system was dated to the Australian First Division, and Australia also became the first top-level league to date this technology.The new season of English football, which began in August this year, is also expected to begin promotion.The FA has previously stated that it will advance in the FA Cup from January 2018, but the time may advance to the first round of the League Cup next season.